It Takes a Village, Let's Build Yours! 

Stage Care is a village care model providing an ecosystem of clinical and non-clinical support for your maternal health life stage.

The Future of Family Wellbeing is Local.
Join our local mom village, facilitated by a Stage Leader

Your Stage Leader is a trained facilitator with lived experience, guiding a small group to build social connection and promote well-being.

Meet Your Life Stage Leaders

Headshot of Leslie
Life Coach empowering women to master time management and find balance
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Headshot of Nancy
Licensed full-spectrum doula supporting postnatal women in their postpartum journey
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Headshot of Gmerice
 Cardiovascular Doctor and mother promoting heart health during and after pregnancy
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C-suite exec and philanthropist holding space for single moms seeking supportive community
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Headshot of Leslie
Fundraising professional and experienced caregiver creating a space for caregivers to feel understood and validated
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Our Village Approach: Social Mothering

  • Bi-Weekly Peer Group Meetings: Led by trained facilitators, these meetings will allow you to connect with diverse women, share experiences, and foster meaningful connections.
  • Session with a Wellness Coach: Receive one session with a clinical Stage Coach for personalized support on holistic well-being, goal setting, and personal growth.
  • In-Home Help: Receive 3 hours of in-home assistance from our Stage Helpers. They can provide childcare, cleaning, meal prep, and more!
  • Korédé House Membership: Access our inclusive ‘third space’ with co-working areas, nap suites, yoga studio, kitchen, and cozy living rooms.
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Stage App

This program is tech-enabled through the Stage app. Here you can connect with group members and clinicians, complete guided meditations, read content related to your stage group,  schedule appointments, and much more.

Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis

We're on a mission to tackle the systemic maternal health crisis head-on. By providing personalized support, fostering community connections, and advocating for change, Stage is working to create a world where every mother has the resources and support she needs to thrive.

korede house

Korede House is a real-life extension of the Stage Care community – a welcoming space where you can connect with other mothers, attend workshops and events, and access additional resources and support.

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