A Global Force for Family Well-being

Launched in St. Louis, MO with global ambitions, we co-create spaces and programs to empower women who are courageous in their calling as family builders and creative change makers.

Founder Message

My first glimpse of an Ambitious MotherSM was my own mother. She was a U.S. university-educated woman who, when the Nigerian government stopped paying employees (including her and her husband), humbly and courageously began selling baked goods in the vibrant African market to make ends meet.

Her journey wasn't confined to one path; she ventured into various endeavors—small  and midscale ventures, including house cleaning, MLMs, co-founding a leprosy home, spearheading the construction of a pilgrimage site, worship chapels and so much more...some driven by mission, others by need of flexibility to mother on her own terms and attain financial freedom.

From a front-row seat, I observed a woman who worked tirelessly, often with limited support, in her efforts to build up her family. Looking back, it became clear that what she and many other ambitious women need is a supportive community where their identity isn't divided, support is abundant, and opportunities are plentiful.

- Ronke Faleti

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Our mission at korédé house is to to ease loneliness. "bring goodness" to mothering women. Help Families Grow Better.

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Our Values

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Prioritize Rest
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Pursue Joy
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Practical Help
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Protect Peace

Meet the Team

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Ronke Faleti
Chief experience officer
Founder and Visionary
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Sandy Fenili
Enrichment and Events
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Leslie Holloway
Head of development
Funding for Visionaries
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Krista Messer
Head Illustrator
Artist and Visual Experience
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Emily Endara
Website Design & UX
Digital Expereince

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We share authentic and vulnerable stories to bring goodness to our community.

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Ambition and Motherhood: What Do Ambitious Mothers Want?

Time. Space. Fulfillment. When we think of ambitious women, the first thing that comes to mind is usually their careers..

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Embrace Being Disliked

Know your task. “You’re so brave!” Sometimes it feels like certain words of praise are nice ways of saying, “ you’re insane, out of your mind, and in fact, making a life-ruining mistake.”

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“That could have been your 🚌…”

Rejection is God’s protection I came across this Instagram Reel about faith without works being dead (click the image to watch.) It spoke to me about the wondrous nature of work meeting providence. You have to pray to catch the bus and work like heck to actually get on the bus.

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These Women Clap With You

Meet the Women in the Neighborhood

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Where Do You Feel Safely Seen?

It’s encouragingly empowering when you realize that you’re not alone.

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Popcorn & Tea

This is Popcorn and Tea, a newsletter about about the stories that impact the lives of ambitious mothers, shaping the future. Rooted in storytelling, and restorative care, we co-create gathering spaces for ambitious mothers to thrive in community.

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Future Pride

I have four kids. This is a statement of fact that I frequently utter—at times with pride—and at other times with trepidation of judgment. I never expected these four words to be a plea for surviving. With both of my hands up in the position of surrender, I said in a quaking and calm voice, “I have four kids.”

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Belonging is a Verb

I remember sipping hot tea in a state of inexplicable panic across from Talia, my Entrepreneurial Insight coach. We were discussing my fears of launching my business in a public way. She questioned and questioned and questioned, and eventually, we landed on it. I don’t belong to the community that I seek approval from.

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Guard Your Throne

Who am I? A mom, a wife, a founder, an executive—which matters most?

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Uvalde. We are not ok.

The image above is a quote from a text I sent my husband while he was away on business travel. I sent this at the start of my morning, the day after the nation, once again, attempts to comprehend the incomprehensible — another mass shooting, the 200th one in 2022. We are not ok.

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Your Personal Self-care Space

korédé house is place away from the stressors of your daily lives. A place to belong. A place to find solace. A better place to hide.

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Mother and daughter

Motherhood, Differently

Access community in a beautiful "third space" optimized to help you achieve life harmony. We combine the power of community with practical help for care tasks and a peaceful space to recharge.

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African American family

Reclaim Your Time

Access a physical space guaranteed to help you feel better connected with yourself, your partner and your role as a parent. Get time back by accessing community help with care tasks such as laundry or childcare.

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