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Popcorn & Tea, Inc.

Popcorn and Tea Inc., a not-for-profit foundation with a mission to help families Grow Better℠ through community, storytelling, and restorative care, operates the third space, korédé house.

korédé house is a third space community that’s not home (“first” space) or work (”second” space); that centers mothers with limited access to generational help or wealth; and addresses burn-out, isolation, and guilt. Members come to cowork, recharge, build friendships, and access help with family care struggles in a beautifully designed home.

100% of all donations goes to provide programming for members. We deeply appreciate your support!

Belong to a community that you co-create through involvement in programming
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Design and programming
Nourish family and home-life
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Mental, physical, and education wellness
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Storytelling and Content
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art and fun
Joyful expressions

Our Core Values

Prioritize Rest

Recharge and Grow Better

Pursue Joy

Lean into Community

Give Grace

Standards not judgement

Sacred Space

Protect peace for self and others

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Belonging is a Verb

I remember sipping hot tea in a state of inexplicable panic across from Talia, my Entrepreneurial Insight coach. We were discussing my fears of launching my business in a public way. She questioned and questioned and questioned, and eventually, we landed on it. I don’t belong to the community that I seek approval from.

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Is Your Coping Mechanism Actually Hurting You?

What does pride, shame, and time have in common with broken relationships?

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Future Pride

I have four kids. This is a statement of fact that I frequently utter—at times with pride—and at other times with trepidation of judgment. I never expected these four words to be a plea for surviving. With both of my hands up in the position of surrender, I said in a quaking and calm voice, “I have four kids.”

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Where Do You Feel Safely Seen?

It’s encouragingly empowering when you realize that you’re not alone.