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Camille Dangerfield

Hey there! I'm Camille Dangerfield, a wife, mother of 1 adult daughter, 2 girls under 10, and grandmother of 2 tiny ones. As a life and business coach, it's my mission to inspire and equip moms to intentionally create phenomenal lives while navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood. I'll be your peer leader for LifeFlow, a stage where you'll learn to better manage your time and energy to consistently follow through on turning your aspirations into tangible realities.

LifeFlow Stage Group

Motherhood is a whirlwind of love, joy, and responsibility. Balancing our dreams with family and life demands can feel overwhelming at times. In LifeFlow, we'll dive deep into mindset shifts and practical exercises designed to help you master your time, set healthy boundaries, and take purposeful actions towards your goals. Whether you're dreaming of launching a business, pursuing further education, or simply reclaiming time for self-care, our community is here to support you every step of the way.

If you're ready to embrace a life filled with less stress and more progress, surrounded by a tribe of like-minded moms cheering you on, then I invite you to join us in LifeFlow. Together, let's unlock the potential within us and create a life where both our dreams and families thrive.

Q: What can you expect from the Stage group?

A: In the LifeFlow stage group, you can expect a supportive and nurturing environment where you can openly share your experiences, challenges, and victories without judgment. You'll find a community of like-minded moms who are committed to personal growth and supporting each other in achieving their goals. Together, we'll engage in meaningful discussions, share valuable insights, and offer encouragement and accountability to help each other thrive.

Q: What is expected of you?

A: As a member of the LifeFlow stage group, your active participation and commitment are expected. This includes attending group sessions regularly, actively engaging in discussions and activities, and being open to trying new strategies and approaches to improve time management and achieve your goals. Additionally, we encourage you to contribute to the supportive atmosphere of the group by offering encouragement, sharing your experiences, and providing support to fellow members.

Q: What can you expect from me, your Stage leader?

A: As your Stage leader, you can expect guidance, support, and encouragement from me to help you navigate the challenges of balancing motherhood with pursuing your dreams. I will facilitate group discussions and activities, provide valuable insights and resources, and offer personalized support to help you overcome obstacles and make progress towards your goals. You can also expect me to create a safe and inclusive space where everyone feels heard, valued, and supported.

Q: What can the group expect from each other?

A: The group can expect mutual respect, empathy, and support from each other. We will uphold a culture of kindness and encouragement, where everyone's experiences and perspectives are valued and respected. You can expect fellow members to offer support, share insights and resources, and celebrate each other's successes. Additionally, we encourage active listening, constructive feedback, and a willingness to learn from each other's experiences and perspectives. Together, we will create a community where everyone feels empowered to thrive.