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Nancy E. Lewis

My name is Nancy E. Lewis. I became a Full Spectrum Doula to provide families with education and support from fertility and preconception through the postpartum period. I have additional training in infant/neonatal CPR, lactation, pregnancy & infant loss, and perinatal mood disorders. I believe birth is a natural, yet magical experience and everyone deserves the opportunity to feel safe and heard during this most vulnerable time. Some of my goals are to assist families with compassionate, culturally sensitive care and to empower them to advocate for themselves in the healthcare space.  When people have the resources and information they need, they are more confident in their pregnancy journey. I love  serving my clients and helping improve birth outcomes.

What Was I Thinking?
- Thriving In The Fourth Trimester

Bringing home a baby can be scary. The baby isn’t the only new addition, the entire household is reborn! For those who are pregnant, we will devise plans that address some of the known and unknown challenges and for newly postnatal mothers, we will delve into breastfeeding practices and stories that impact our breastfeeding journey. We will focus on our postpartum well-being and create support systems for each other to help ensure a smoother transition to your new life, as well as equip you and your village on how to best support you. Let’s talk, laugh, cry and alleviate our stress together.

Q: What can you expect from the Stage group?

A: A safe place to connect with other moms and share experiences. This will be a place to support and celebrate each other in the journey of preparing for new family additions. Expect a group where your contributions are encouraged.

Q: What is expected of you?

A: Bring your authentic self. Be willing to listen with an open mind. Share at your comfort level. Be flexible. Look for connections within the group. Be accountable by fulfilling whatever commitments you agree to each week.

Q: What can you expect from me, your Stage leader?

A: I will come to each session prepared to lead. I will communicate clearly and effectively. I will model the traits of an effective team. I will facilitate the conversation. I will be a safe space to land. I will foster connections among group members. I will assist in preparation/revision of your postpartum plan.

Q: What can the group expect from each other?

A: We can expect to begin with creating an outline for wants/needs within the group. We can expect to create a warm environment where we speak, listen and learn together. We can expect to contribute to the forward progress of the group and each individual member.

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