The Solution to the Modern Family's Stresses and Demands

The average daily hours spent on care activities is 2hrs. Of that, only 30minutes is spent on direct care and supervision…the other hour and a half is spent on the tasks of work.

When I brought on my first YF, a CNA, in September, I told her that I need you to do the work that I crunched to the evening after work and I need your help to reduce my stress level. I told her that my time gets crunched at night and the following are what she did during the day, transparent to my kiddos. I was in the process of getting an aupair to do the work of care but realized that many didn’t do the housework. My babysitters didn’t do that work either. They played with the kids and I was not great at playing with the kids because I was often burdened with the tasks of work to keep the family going and I was also too jealous to have someone else spend those quality time with my kiddos.

Here’s what a YF can do to help:

-Wake up the kids

-Make breakfast

-Get the kids dressed

-Make lunch

-Drive to activities

-Help with homework

-Prepare dinner

-Bathe the kids

-Put the kids to bed

The beauty of this is that the YF can do so.

Here’s what my YF did for me.

  1. Prep and make breakfast for kids 3x a week
  2. put out clothes for next day (I inspect in the evening)
  3. make lunches and pack snacks
  4. wipe down counter tops, vacuum
  5. do laundry 2x a week
  6. meal prep 1/week
  7. grocery shopping / errands 1/week.

This was the hypothesis that I tested to see what would change for me and my family.

  • My joy blossomed.
  • I was more present with my children.
  • dinnertime was no longer a mad dash with hangry kids wanting snacks and snacks and more snacks
  • morning routine was easier and less stressful
  • the money was well worth it
  • the stress was greatly reduced
  • the quality of our family time increased
  • I had more time for me- to read, go on walks, and work on my business goals
  • I was able to be more present when I was with my kids because I didn’t have the mental load of all of the things that I had to do when they were asleep.

I’ve now scaled this to an offering at korédé house — you choose what you need — just social with community. care in a common house. care at your own house.

When I look at this chart — for me, at my converted hourly rate at my corporate job, it amounted over $100,000.

I made the decision to use my life’s fuel to find a solution to this problem for myself but for others. the reason is that we need stronger families. We need more people to confidently choose motherhood/parenting.

We need companies to thrive because their employees are not weighed down by the demands of being a working parent. We need to stop the cycle of passing the mental load to the next generation of women. We can do this by creating a solution that is flexible, that is affordable, and that provides dignified work for those who want to help families.

If you are interested in being a part of the solution, please visit

As Pope John Paul once said, as goes the family goes community. The family is the microcosm of community. if we want to strengthen communities, we must first invest in strengthening families.  

At korédé house, we do this by creating a community co-created by families that rely on one another for the highs and lows of parenting. this is done in a few ways. we offer community home and care services through our app that also connects you to your village.

We also provide financing for those who want to invest in a YF for their family through our crowdfunding campaign.

This way, everyone can have a YF if they want one and it isn’t just a service for the wealthy.

We are changing the way families are created and sustained. We are changing the way women are supported in their choices. We are changing the way work looks for those who want to help families.

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