korédé House: A Place to Build Community

Remember when we were young and childless and went out with friends?

Sometimes it feels like gone are the days of spontaneity. Today, I went to a dinner with friends and the following are the associated costs. Lyft to the location $30. Babysitter for 4.5hrs $100. Dinner for me and beau $150.

It might be a research of one, but the reason we don’t see each other and why adult relationships are hard is because we literally can’t afford it or can’t sustain it.

I think that one of the reasons why adult relationships are hard is because we literally can't afford it or can't sustain it.

What if there was something better…a place to hang out with friends and have the cost of childcare taken care of?

This is exactly what our community membership at korédé house is about — once a month dinner party, at times themed, where childcare is included.

Imagine having adult conversation, a pleasant meal, fun memories, building community and knowing that your children are in a separate space, cared for. You can choose to come with your own crew or be open to being matched with a new crew. The best part of it is that at the end of the night, you don’t have to do dishes or vacuum. And not only are you building relationships with people in your community, your children are also doing the same.

When do you want to do a date night at korédé house?

We would love to have you over!

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