How the Current State of Childcare in America is Failing Families

Let’s start with the numbers.

  1. US child care is a $57 billion market (60% in-home, 40% in-center).
  2. The care economy is valued at $648B annual market
  3. 42% of employers plan to expand or add care as part of their employee benefits. This is just the beginning.
  4. nearly 1 in 2 households have aging parents and young children to think about.

What we need is a solution for todays families — and it starts with community with care. Most of our needs aren’t one-size fits all. We have fragmented solutions that only take away some of our needs. For example, dependent care flexible accounts are not to be reimbursed for housekeeping or grocery shopping for those dependents in our care. Employers can get back in tax credit $.75 for every $1 they spend on childcare (e.g. back-up care allowances), and while that helps…it doesn’t give us back time. Time as parents to choose the tasks of love and care over the tasks of work to care. Time to connect and reduce the isolation and loneliness associated with parenting and aging. Time to build our vision, stay in the workforce, not have to choose outcomes because the help we need is either unaffordable or unavailable. Time to connect with ourselves and not operate beyond our capacity.

Yet, despite all this, we are not solving for the needs of today’s families.

In fact, most child/family care solutions are band-aids that barely make a dent in the problem. family care is not charity. It is an essential need and a fundamental right.

The problem with wholistic family centered care in America is that it is not affordable, accessible, or available to all. It’s no wonder our birth rate is on the decline. In a recent interview, Elon Musk quipped that the existential threat to our lives as we know it is the reduction of children birthed.  The young people think 10x about having children because of the outsized changes to their lifestyles and choices they have to make in the current landscape.

We need to think beyond the band-aid.

I once read Nat Turner’s blog about a carebnb — that’s what korédé house is…community with caregiving provided by YFs, certified nursing assistants, in our community houses.

What are families facing today?

  1. lack of time spent on the chores (We have a solution for you — At our homes or in your homes)
  2. lack of back-up care for their kiddos and their elderly ones — we have community house for it
  3. lack of third space — a place to belong — we got you covered there too

Our homes come with care for you, care for your household, care to transform the way we live.

korédé house is A space to relax, recharge, and renew.

  • A home away from home for young families
  • A supportive, intergenerational community for families with young children and aging parents.
  • A respite for family caregivers.
  • A neighborhood hub for community support and connection.

Our korédé house is a new model of family care that is designed to meet the needs of 21st century families. It is a community clustered around a common house. The common house is the heart of the community and includes shared amenities, space for programming and events and access to care providers.

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