10 Things that korédé House is

10 Things that korédé House is:

  1. a place to go and belong
  2. a better place to hide
  3. a place to bring your laundry and have it done
  4. a place to have your children watched
  5. a place to work outside of your home
  6. a place to have meals prepped, packaged and delivered to you
  7. a place to meet people in the same life stage as you
  8. a place to rent out for your own private event like a babyshower, work retreat, book club
  9. a place of commerce to show your wears or host your own talkshow
  10. a place that’s like home to take a nap, cook, play, work, without the work.

With the community nature of korédé house — it’s a place where community determines how its used. Curated for and by community and its uses are limited by our collective imagination.

How would you use korédé house?

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