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Who Should Join?

Korede House is a ‘ third space’ or home away from home for ambitious mothers.
We provide women in the St. Louis region with a place to recharge, find community and inspiration for the biggest role in the world: motherhood. Our mission is to bring goodness, ease and inspiration to every mother* in the world. How we define mother: one who nurtures*

Are you her? Welcome home.

The Amenties

Step into a world where every detail is crafted for comfort and connection. Each bespoke space is meticulously designed to provide an oasis of tranquility, creativity, and companionship.From luxurious lounges to sophisticated workspaces, immerse yourself in an environment that celebrates and supports your journey as an ambitious mother and woman.

Welcome in luxury and warmth at every turn...

A living room.
Alafia Lounge
A serene spot for quiet reflections and intimate conversations in peaceful surroundings.
A living room.
Hearth Room
A warm, inviting lounge kitchen-adjacent for intimate gatherings and heartfelt conversations.
A dining room.
Dinging Room
Elegant dining space for community feasts and memorable gatherings.
A nice room.
Oré Lounge
Bright, inspiring extension of the workspace, complete with private amenities.
A nice work space with good lighting.
Creative Workspace
A space designed for productivity, collaboration, idea generation, and turning visions into reality.
A nice kitchen.
Beautifully equipped kitchen for culinary exploration and social cooking, featuring modern conveniences.
A woman at the spa.
Escape to our spa room for rejuvenating treatments and serene relaxation.
Laundry room
A charming space where practicality meets comfort, adding a touch of grace. to housework.
Kids room
Kid’s Club
Fun, supervised area for children, giving moms peace to relax or work.

The Korede Dream

Not only is Korédé House a place to rest, catch up, and have fun, but expand your horizons. It's even beyond being a gathering of ambitious women in a beautiful space. It's an extension of your lifestyle. A quiet club, perfect for that busy mom who craves authentic connections, deep laughs and the ability to switch off from the hustle of the outside world.A place of deep grounding and warm inclusivity.

A space that welcomes and nourishes the soul. This is your call...